Stop this bra conversation!

(This chuckle of the day was brought to you by Michael.)

On our way to dinner, I was having a conversation with Michael about issues like men’s condescension towards women, women’s suffrage, and feminism.

MOM:  So some of the feminists burned their bra… if you think about it, a man invented the bra… which is weird because he has no use for it.

MICHAEL:  Mom, we really need to stop this conversation right now! I mean RIGHT NOW!  We’re about to go inside the restaurant. You can’t be talking about bras!


Commitment, Consistency, and Competence





My son really enjoys learning to teach the little ones from his instructor, Mr. Knecht. His teaching skills have noticeably improved, and we have heard positive feedback from the parents, kids, and instructor. This “job” definitely suits him and everyone seem to be benefiting from the experience. Today he told me we need to come up with another word that alliterates with Commitment and Consistency to describe this teaching job. I said Competence.

“My sperm…my baby”

This chuckle of the day is brought to you by Michael:

MOM: Michael, if you were an adult, would you consider donating your sperm?

MICHAEL: (after thinking for a few moments) Would I get to adopt the baby?

MOM: Probably not because the baby would belong to the people who wanted the sperm.

MICHAEL: Then no. My sperm…my baby. I gotta stay competitive…can’t have too many of me in this world.