Creativity with Peel and Stick Chalkboard Sheets and Liquid Chalk Markers


I found these Peel and Stick Chalkboard Wall Decals and Liquid Chalk Markers from Thought they look like fun and sure enough, my 2 Michaels are enjoying a little creative relaxation freeing their minds by drawing on the backsides of doors. I reserved the front sides of doors for other things like messages, shopping lists, calendar events, reminders, etc. These chalkboard decals are very handy and you can cut them to any size. I’ve seen some people use them as container/jar/kitchen labels, gift tags, or for scrapbook and card-making. Super fun!

“I put the cat in my mouth because…”


I noticed a huge wet spot on the back of the cat’s neck so i asked my son what happened.

He said, “I really want to be the cat’s mommy so I tried to pick him up with my mouth. I didn’t realize how much spit I had.”

I said, “Well, were you successful? Why would you do that?”

He said, “I am trying to improve my immune system. I’m innoculating myself with cat germs in case I have to be one of them someday.”

(Somebody help me understand boy-logic!  And his career choice as cat mommy???!!!??)

Love means you can’t smell stinky armpits


Michael:  today at the gym, B_____ said she’s been watching my videos on youtube. And she said I smell like vanilla.

—-(a few days later at the gym)—-

Michael:  B_____, do you think i still smell like vanilla today?

B_____:  (leans in to smell Michael) yes, you still smell like vanilla.

Michael:  (turns to T_____) do you think I smell like vanilla?

T_____ scowls and leans back.


Michael:  Mom, do we have something that smells like vanilla in the house?

Mom:  no, why?

Michael:  B_____ says i smell like vanilla.

Mom:  i think that’s just how a girl shows that she likes you.

Michael:  REALLY?  Oh, that’s SO nice!

Mom:  You don’t smell good after working out. So she must really like you.

Michael: yeah, i guess you’re right cuz i don’t even think i smell good. Smell my armpit…it’s really bad!