The People’s Republic of Amnesia


I read an except of this from NPR Books, and let me just say this sort of “Great Forgetting” comes around every few decades in Chinese history (perhaps even more often than that), not just in the socio-political scene, but also in family life amongst members of big families. I can’t tell you why except I have a theory of my own. I believe more often than not, mainland Chinese culture is a breeding ground that fosters personality disorders. From my own experiences, there isn’t a lot of trust when a person grows up in that sort of environment. What they think of as “trust” isnt what you and I would say trust is. And for sure, most people there  aren’t able to withstand the pressure of society or of family. They make it nearly impossible for the individual to dissent. That is why whenever I see an extraordinarily brave Chinese person stand up for what is right, I know that it cost him dearly; it cost him his life. And I can’t help but admire how this person has gotten such gumption in the midst of such duress. It is not the same as people in western societies mouthing the words “stand up for what’s right” in the comfort of their social groups. As outsiders looking in, of course we see what all is wrong with China. But this just reminds me that even in that society of personality cults, there are extraordinarily strong and right minded folks trying to make a difference. Not everyone is brainwashed by state instituted amnesia.

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