Hypersocializing — Being cliquy isn’t enough for some


Being cliquy face-to-face isn’t enough for some women apparently; they have to do Facebook together too. I actually was in a group where one woman said to another, “If you’re not going to LIKE that photo, then I’m not going to LIKE it either.” At that point I wondered if these were actually women or were they just girls trapped inside adult female bodies? It wasn’t enough that there was already the presence of a social group, but they had to compulsively check their Facebook to keep up with other groups at the same time. Clearly some people lack stimulation and must find creative ways to feed their need. This type of hypersocializing baffles me. At best, it looks like the women involved are so busy that they have no time to pay full attention to any group they are currently participating in. But mainly it just looks immature and rude from every possible angle. Perhaps the reward of hypersocializing outweighs any consideration for others. Before the invention of social media, how did we behave in the presence of other women? It’s almost hard to remember, isn’t it? And how do we decide what is okay and what isn’t?

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